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We have been working with investors for over 40 years to grow thriving investment property portfolios. Hear from a collection of our clients.


Tim Barrett

“I have completed several purchases through the Cameron Bird Property Group, over several years, all of which have resulted in a strong investment performance. We have purchased 3 properties and seen very strong investment performance from them."

Michael and Yvonne

"My wife and I are extremely happy with the services of Jack and his team at Cameron Bird Property Group. The level of support was tremendous and second to none. We found Jack to be excellent with his knowledge assisting us to select a property with excellent future capital growth prospects."

Andrew Merrilees

“I am a relatively experienced property investor. I am pleased to say the build went smoothly and I now have both duplexes rented in the range that was initially suggested. I will do another development with Cameron Bird Property Group and have no hesitation in recommending their services.”

Carl Hetfield

"We knew from the start we were in good hands as our questions were answered in full and with plenty of extra advice. After a year of back and forth education, we came into the financial position to make a purchase and it was clear The Cameron Bird Property Group was the right path to take."

Margaret Jackson

"The completed Dual Occupancy property is returning rentals of $850/week which is providing an even stronger positive cash return than the initial figures and we had no difficulty in renting both units quickly. Thank you, Cameron Bird Property Group, you made our decision to invest and build on the Sunshine Coast a very painless and enjoyable experience.”

Diana Paige

“My husband and I purchased a Dual Occupancy on The Sunshine Coast in 2017 through Cameron Bird Property Group. We love the Dual Occupancy configuration and the strategy that is in place to own that property out right in the years ahead."

Ryan Price

“I would like to thank Jack and his team at Cameron Bird Property Group for setting me up in the right direction when it came to property investing. As I have a strong business with good cash flows, I went down the path of manufacturing wealth through Duplex properties."

Paul Angel

“I purchased my first investment property through Cameron Bird Property Group in 2007. It has continued to perform well to this day. In 2010, I again adhered to their advice and purchase a second. Both quality investments, both strongly tenanted year out and have seen growth."

Our Partners

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