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About Us

We specialise in residential property investment identification in Queensland. 

The Cameron Bird Property Group are your property partner, specialising in cash flow positive investment opportunities in key locations around Queensland.

We connect you with the best investment property for your portfolio. Decades of experience have taught us how to identify emerging hotspots and evaluate properties based on their potential for capital growth, demand, rental yield and market stability.

A positive investment experience for you is our top priority, not only in finding and purchasing a property but also throughout the development and securing tenants with rental yields that will produce the best cash flows and extra return on investment (ROI).

Jack embarked on his real estate journey in 2003, working alongside his father in the industry. In 2010, when his father passed away, Jack took over the family business. Having the privilege of being mentored by an industry stalwart provided Jack with insights beyond the surface of real estate transactions. 

Years of dedicated work have resulted in strong relationships with builders and developers, granting Jack unique insights well before construction begins. Similarly, the trust he has cultivated with investors is a testament to their shared vision.


Jack Bird

Our Due Diligence

At Cameron Bird Property Group our process for identifying superior investment property opportunities for clients is based on our comprehensive research approach. Our in-house research team takes into consideration macro and micro fundamentals that influence capital growth.


Market Position

Timing relative to growth in recent years. Target areas that have a proven history of growth.


Rental Demand

Vacancy Rate below 3%. Target areas that have a Vacancy Rate of 3% or lower. Rental demand causes the market sentiment to favour the landlord.


Upcoming Supply

Research to mitigate the risk of oversupply. Investigate the area to identify any potential risks of oversupply, including forecasted land releases, current development projects and applications for future projects.


Growth Drivers

Infrastructure and development expenditure. Investigate the area to identify drivers for growth. This focuses on the investment into the local infrastructure and development projects. The aim is to understand the impact of existing and recently completed projects.



Identify property opportunities that have high growth potential, but are currently below market value and affordable for you, the investor.


Property Type 

Properties most in demand in the local market. Market research is conducted to uncover the predominate demographic within the market.

Our Story

The Cameron Bird Group was established by the late David Bird in 1978. He recognised that traditional real estate agents were unequipped to help investors find the best investment properties as those agents did not understand all aspects of investing and the growth indicators that push property prices upwards.
By the late ’90s, The Cameron Bird Group were one of the forerunners in Queensland investment property marketing nationwide. 
In 2005, David’s son, Jack, came on board to assist the business and learn from his father, as well as bring the company into the digital age. David passed on in 2010 and Jack Bird has continued to run this company successfully to this day based on his father’s principles and real estate expertise on Queensland investment properties.
Now with over 40 years of service, the goal is to continually strive to be at the forefront of the property investment industry, delivering stand-out investment properties direct from the developer backed by the most in-depth investment reports in the industry.

Senior Property Investment Specialist

Lorraine Nielsen

With a proven track record spanning over 15 years, Lorraine Nielsen stands as a dedicated advocate for investors seeking to navigate the realm of property investment. Her passion lies in specialising in new residential property investment strategy and sales, all aimed at elevating cash flow and fostering wealth through property.​

Lorraine's journey has been marked by an unwavering commitment to personal guidance, having worked closely with individual investors to unlock their investment potential. In her pursuit of excellence, she has amassed a portfolio of over 10 properties, demonstrating her proficiency across diverse structures and cashflow property types.

Finance Partner

Anthony Hurford

As a trusted partner, Anthony at Adviser Finance Brokers has championed many of our members and built them the foundation for a successful and profitable purchase.

Anthony’s Specialities:

  • Attaining finance for off-the-plan and established property purchases with a strong focus on positively geared properties

  • Property Investment Structuring – Discretionary Trusts, Family Trusts, Corporate Trustees

  • Property Portfolio reviews with the intent of saving clients significant costs in loan repayments and releasing equity for future purchases

  • SMSF Property Investing

Meet The Team

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